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Hi, I’m John.

Based out of Pune, India. An Army brat, am blessed to have travelled every state of this glorious nation. 10 different schools and a few desk jobs later I figured to learn, live and love my passion for design.

I’ve specialised in logo and brand design full time since 2013. My experiences of various cultures and many people have all shaped me as a designer and I express the same via my work across various platforms.

100+ National and international clients and counting. Still, every new project has more value to offer. I’ve been honoured with my work being published in a few newspapers & magazines (Times of India, India Today and Créme etc.)

I love to work with people who understand the dynamics of design in todays world and value it as a service. Working towards new goals, bigger brand impact, multiplied values, significantly better performances and accelerated growth, I keep my objectives uniformly in line with the clients who hire my services.

About my logo

My logo design is a combination of type and graphic. “J” and “t” as letters combined and forming a graphic of a man depicting my independent nature of work. I am an ardent follower of minimal design and believe in the fact “less is more”.

John's logo